BPR 40d

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 BPR 40d radio delivers the reliable communications you and your staff need. Lightweight and powerful, each radio is built to ensure that you are never out of reach. Long battery life means continued communication that lasts an entire shift. Rugged, water-resistant construction offers worry-free operation, while the radios’ long warranties bring peace of mind. 

 BPR 40d radio also supports the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR II) communications standard, giving you more range and clear, static-free voice connections, even at the edge of your radio coverage. 

16 Channels 

Allows multiple users and groups to communicate simultaneously. Organize teams into different talkgroups for improved efficiency and minimized distraction. 

Adjustable Power Level 

Set high transmit power when you need to extend your reach, then lower it to maximize battery life. 

Squelch Levels 

Helps minimize interference from undesired weak signals and helps weak signals be heard. 

Tricolor LED 

Indicates radio status and battery levels at a glance 

Large, Textured Push-to-Talk Button 

Easy to find and use without looking 

Priority Scan 

Frequently check for signals on high-priority channels 

Large Channel Knob 

Change channels easily and stay focused on your work

 BPR 40d Advanced Features 

• Programmable All Call / Group Call / Private Call capabilities 

• 128-entry contact list 

• Radio Check 

• Voice Announcement 

• Remote Monitor and Radio Enable/ Disable 

• Transmit Interrupt capability 

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